View of Hong Kong Harbour
Hong Kong is a vibrant, dynamic and cosmopolitan destination.  ©

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Spend 10 months working as a full time English Language Assistant in the high-rise metropolis of Hong Kong.

With no additional language requirements, this opportunity is open to final year students or graduates who would like to immerse themselves in Asian culture and cuisine, while bringing life to their students’ understanding of contemporary UK culture and language.

Am I eligible for a placement in Hong Kong?

To be a Language Assistant in Hong Kong, you must:

  •  fulfil the general eligibility criteria
  •  have graduated from university with at least a bachelor’s degree, and have your degree certificate by September 2021

There is no age criteria for Hong Kong and we welcome applications from people of all ages. The age criteria included in the online application form is not applicable for Hong Kong.

When will I start my placement?

Posts in Hong Kong run from the last week of August 2021 to 30 June 2022.  

Will there be an induction course?

A compulsory induction will be held upon arrival in Hong Kong which is likely to take place in September.You will receive details from British Council Hong Kong.

You should also be offered an observational period of a few days/weeks at the beginning of your placement, as well as continuous professional development during your post.

How many hours will I work per week?

You can expect to work approximately 40 hours per week Monday to Friday.

Please be aware that the number of hours and your specific timetable and working pattern can vary depending on the institution that you are allocated to.

What type of institution will I be working in?

The range of placements available changes depending on which institutions can host a Language Assistant. You can generally expect to work in a vocational education institution with students aged 15 to 24.

Where can I go to in Hong Kong?

The location of posts in Hong Kong depends on demand from institutions and can vary each year. British Council Hong Kong will provide accommodation sourcing support via a third party partner.

How much will I be paid?

You will earn around £1,800-2,000 GBP per month.

The allowance for Language Assistants varies from institution to institution and will be confirmed in your contract.

Please note that our overseas partners and employing institutions are ultimately responsible for setting the salary of Language Assistants and this amount should therefore be treated as indicative and may be subject to change.

In addition, all participants working in Hong Kong will be offered the following financial support towards:

  • a return flight to Hong Kong (reimbursed up to HKD 7,500)
  • a contribution of HKD 230 towards visa costs

Will I need a visa?

The process of applying for a visa requires a significant time investment. We will supply guidance to support you in your application.

Please note that visa requirements can change at short notice, and the British Council cannot be held responsible for any changes to the visa process.

What holidays will I have?

In Hong Kong the academic calendar runs from September to July.  Typically, assistants can expect to receive the same school and national holidays as their institution.  Your institution will give you full details of your term dates when you begin your post.