Ecuadorian Andes mountain with blue sky behind
The Andes in Ecuador. Photo ©

alejomiranda used under license and adapted from the original.

For more general information on posts across Latin America please see English Language Assistant placements in Latin America.

Am I eligible for a placement in Ecuador?

To be a Language Assistant in Ecuador, you must

  • fulfil the general eligibility criteria
  • hold a UK, Irish or EU passport
  • have B1-level Spanish
  • be able to share accommodation with the group of assistants working at the university.

When will I start my placement?

Posts in Ecuador run from mid-August 2023 to the end of May 2024.

Will there be an induction course?

Successful applicants will be invited to our induction event online over the summer which will cover important pre-departure information

Assistants should arrive in Ambato by mid-August 2023 for an induction week before term begins the following week.

During this induction week, assistants will carry out administrative matters, orientation and class planning. Assistants will also have an observation week before beginning teaching.

Exact term dates and further details will be provided to the successful candidates by the Head of Languages and Linguistics Department at the University.  

How many hours will I work per week?

Language Assistants in Ecuador can expect to work approximately 15-18 hours per week.  

Please be aware that the number of hours and your specific timetable and working pattern will be decided by the university.

How many posts are available in Ecuador?

There are 3-6 posts available in Ecuador. As a result, places are very competitive., Candidates wishing to go to Ecuador must list it as their top country preference.  

It is very unlikely that candidates listing Ecuador as a second or third choice will be successful in gaining a place. Candidates with teaching experience and proven examples of showing independence and adaptability are most likely to be successful. 

What type of institution will I be working in?

All placements in Ecuador are at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Ambato. You will be working in the Languages and Linguistics Department at the university.

Posts in Ecuador are much more challenging in terms of responsibilities compared to other countries. As such we will only select candidates with sufficient teaching experience and proven examples of showing independence and adaptability.  

How much will I be paid?

Assistants in Ecuador will earn around USD $450 per month. This amount will be confirmed by the university. 

On-campus accommodation will be provided for all language assistants in a shared flat. Assistants will be asked to cover the cost of the gas bill but will not be required to pay for rent, electricity or water. 

Please note that our overseas partners and employing institutions are ultimately responsible for setting the salary of language assistants and this amount should therefore be treated as indicative and may be subject to change.

Will I need a visa?

Yes, assistants going to Ecuador will be required to apply for a visa and the partners in Ecuador will instruct you when and how you should apply for this. 

At this stage, applicants should check the expiry date in their passport and ensure that your passport will not require renewal until at least six months after you will return to the UK. If necessary, we strongly recommend that you apply for a new passport immediately or you risk delaying your visa process.  

Please note that visa requirements can change at short notice, and the British Council cannot be held responsible for any changes to the visa process.

What holidays will I have?

In Ecuador the academic calendar runs from the end of August to the end of May. Typically, assistants can expect to receive the same school and national holidays as the university, including some time off over Christmas. Your institution will give you full details of your term dates when you begin your post.

Please note that these dates are not confirmed but have been provided to help give you an idea of what the academic calendar may look like. Your institution will give you full details of your term dates when you begin your post. 

Where can I go in Ecuador?

All posts in Ecuador are at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador at the Ambato campus.

The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador is a widely-recognized private university in Ecuador ranked among the top 100 universities in Latin America and the top 1000 universities world-wide (according to QS World University Rankings 2019). 

There are six campuses in Ecuador located in the cities of Quito, Ambato, Ibarra, Esmeraldas, Manabi and Santo Domingo. The Ambato campus is just a few kilometres from the city centre.

I've worked as a Language Assistant in Ecuador– can I apply again?

Language Assistants in Ecuador cannot apply for a consecutive year in the same country, although they are welcome to apply to work in a different country.

Updated 04/11/2022