Building by the water in Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium. Photo ©

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Applications for the English Language Assistants programme will re-open in the autumn of 2018.

Why choose Belgium?

Belgium is a fantastic country that sits at the heart of European politics, being the home of both the EU and NATO headquarters. Well known for its chocolate, waffles and breweries, it also hosts the site of the Battle of Waterloo as well as many battles of the First World War. With three official languages, it provides a unique opportunity to live and work in a multi-lingual environment. Our posts are in French-speaking Belgium, enabling you to practise your French every day, but gaining exposure to German and Flemish along the way.

  • Posts in both secondary schools and higher education institutions are available. 
  • You should expect to be in post between 1 October to 31 May and work around 12 hours per week. 

Am I eligible?

To be a language assistant in Belgium, you must fulfil the general eligibility criteria, be aged 30 or under, and have B1 level in French.

Where can I go?

Approximately seven posts per year are available in Belgium in the ‘Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles’, which consists of Brussels and Wallonia. The number of posts in each area depends on demand from Belgian schools.

We recommend you research Belgium thoroughly before applying.

What will I be paid?

You will earn approximately €870 net per month. 

Will I be interviewed?

Generally, no. However, candidates who have been educated outside the UK may be assessed by telephone interview.

When will I hear back?

  • Upon applying, you will receive an email from us confirming receipt of your application.
  • Jan - April: You will find out whether you have passed the initial stage of assessment.
  • April/May: You will find out whether you have been given a post or are on the waiting list.
  • May/June: You will find out the location of your post from the British Council.
  • July/August: You will hear from the host school directly regarding the location and requirements of the job.

For more information, please see our ELA Lifecycle (PDF) document.

Will there be an induction course?

You will be invited to an introductory meeting in Brussels at the beginning of October.

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