Research into how UK school systems and the work of the British Council is viewed abroad

Real differences exist in cultural contexts, policy priorities, available resources, pedagogical approaches and beliefs and current learning outcomes. Programmes delivered by various British Council teams (including the Schools team and the English for Education Systems team) need to be relevant, of high quality and cost-effective. As this work is conducted in collaboration with hundreds of partners around the world, it is sometimes challenging to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. It is therefore important that we can clearly articulate why we do what we do, and are able to back this up with rich data.

This research project has four main objectives:

  • To understand what the main development priorities are for school systems in countries where we operate
  • To consider how the British Council and the UK school systems are viewed by the Departments of Education in countries where we operate and to understand the contribution of the British Council’s work in Schools 
  • To inform the British Council’s programmes and the way we work with education policymakers, school leaders and teachers
  • and to explore the impact of international collaboration on primary and secondary school systems 

The case studies should articulate how transnational policy and practice sharing, including the role of the British Council, has affected primary and secondary education in key countries worldwide.

The researcher is not expected to design the survey of key British Council staff. This will have already been completed and survey results will be received by mid December. The researcher is expected to conduct an analysis of survey results, as one key source of insight for the final report, and to propose means by which other data meaningful to this study may be collected.

The Request for Proposal is attached alongside the application documents. Please submit your proposal to 

Deadline for application: Friday 8 December 2017