Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

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In order for women and girls to be empowered they must be able to access resources and opportunities including key services such as health, education, employment and justice, as well as decision-making and political processes. We work with partners from different sectors to infl uence institutional and organisational level policy and practice, create more opportunities for women and girls, including representation in decision making and infl uencing how their priorities are met through the provision of public goods, services and information.

We promote gender equality and empower women and girls through our programmes and projects in the following areas: 

Peace-building, Justice, and Security

Some of our Justice and security projects

Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme

Justice for All



My Right

Volunteering, Individual and Collective Action

Active Citizens

Civil Society Support Programme

Kulana Liltanmia Programme


Young Women Social Entrepreneurs 


Addressing VAWG through football

Premier Skills

Leadership and Participation in Public Life


Horn of Africa Leadership and Learning for Action

Ours by Right

Women Participating in Public Life


Partnerships in Education

Connecting Classrooms

English and Digital for Girls’ Education


Gender Equality in Education in Turkey 


Shakespeare Lives