We recognise the value of sport as a global phenomenon that transcends language, religion and culture, and its ability to provide practical ways to bring people together and inspire them to fulfil their potential.

Our impact in delivering sport programmes for young people has resulted in: 

  • 25 million young people enriched and 55 policies influenced or initiated through our International Inspiration programme
  • 7,600 coaches trained and 1.2 million young people reached through our Premier Skills programme     

Effective partnerships have been at the heart of our success, working with a range of national and international organisations in the commercial and public sector to meet mutual objectives.    

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Premier League

The Barclays Premier League is the biggest continuous annual global sporting event in the world. It is involved in a wide range of community projects both in the UK and overseas under their Creative Chances initiative, of which internationally Premier Skills is the flagship programme.

We have been partnered with the Premier League on Premier Skills since 2007, in that time reaching over 1.2 million young people worldwide.

Premier Skills combines our reach with the global appeal of the Premier League to use football to develop a brighter future for young people around the world. 

Together, our partnership with the Premier League on Premier Skills allows us both to meet a global need for community development through football.

"The British Council is a partner we really value and trust. On the ground, around the world they have the access, contacts and people to make things happen.” 

Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive Premier League

“Since 2007, this unique partnership between the Premier League and the British Council has reached over 1.2 million young people worldwide, using football and the training of coaches to build life skills and to help young people contribute positively to the future of their communities. Using the British Council’s world-class expertise in English, Premier Skills also offers participants a chance to strengthen their English and use that knowledge to improve their life prospects.”

Rt Hon William Hague MP, UK Foreign Secretary

Youth Sport Trust

Since 2002 we have developed a highly successful partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, an organisation with skilled physical education (PE) and sports experts. Partnership with the British Council has allowed the Youth Sport Trust to develop a strong understanding of the adaptable and flexible approach that is required when working in an international context.  

Working together, the partnership has developed and is delivering training and resources in PE, sport and youth leadership across the world. Flagship programmes have included Dreams and Teams, operating in 45 countries and inspiring and changing the lives of millions of children.

Premiership Rugby

Premiership Rugby is the umbrella organisation that represents the 12 Aviva Premiership Rugby clubs, running the top flight of professional club rugby in England. Their award-winning community programmes deliver 95 Full Time Community Development Officers, 150 Community Partnerships, 150,000 hours of Community programming per annum, and 260,000 Community Programme Participants. 

"Premiership Rugby is delighted to have become a partner with such an ambitious organisation as the British Council, developing the ground-breaking Try Rugby programme. Together we are taking rugby union to the world promoting the playing and values of the game to Brazil," 

Wayne Morris, Community & Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Premiership Rugby

“SESI are proud to partner with Premiership Rugby and the British Council on the award winning Try Rugby programme. We believe in sport as a tool for education and the success of the Try Rugby programme has exceeded all of our expectations.  The programme has not only increased rugby participation in Brazil but has been central to improving the quality of life of the young people who have taken part.”  

Paulo Skaf, Social Service for Industry (SESI) - São Paulo and Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP) President