Teacher with small children © Spike Sinombe for Premier Skills, 2012
Teacher with small children © Spike Sinombe for Premier Skills, 2012 ©

© Spike Sinombe for Premier Skills, 2012

Premier Skills graduate Barobi Nwako explains how Premier Skills has made an impact in Botswana and on her own personal development.

“I now see that football is not just a game but a tool that we can all use to help our community. I also know how to run community projects through football and how to teach my players some important lessons in life skills. I previously attended a few courses on coaching but they were focused on how to use football on the pitch.

“Now my eyes have definitely been opened by Premier Skills. Children in our community have responded wonderfully to it and we have all benefited from it a great deal. For my community back home I have organised a football tournament, where I invited six football teams from different parts of the country, including the national ladies’ team.

“But that is not all, I have developed a counselling centre programme so medics can come and test the local community for HIV and AIDS. We have introduced Premier Skills to a disabled centre in Francistown and also an orphanage. Every Saturday I visit the centre and we talk football and life skills, while the way the children have reacted at the orphanage has been awesome.

“I cannot thank the Premier League and the British Council enough. They have taught us many things and turned us into coach educators, which means we are going to transfer the education they gave us to our brothers and sisters. There are courses around the country that after a year or so will be all around Botswana. I am on a mission to spread this project countrywide!”

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