Sport in Iraq

Working on behalf of the European Commission we are supporting the development of sport in education. 

In partnership with the Youth Sport Trust and the Ministry of Education in Iraq, we aim to:

  • Improve access to high quality inclusive physical education (PE) and sport in schools for young people, including those with special educational needs
  • Support teachers and supervisors in the delivery of PE and sport in schools
  • Raise the value of PE and sport in schools with parents and the wider community
  • Build young people’s leadership skills using sport as the vehicle. 

Under the programme, a network of 50 Iraqi schools has been partnered with five specialist sport colleges in the UK, taking part in reciprocal visits to develop their partnerships. Some of the outcomes so far include:

  • Pupils in the Iraqi schools have received leadership training, which they have put into practice delivering PE to pupils in their local primary schools  
  • Teachers have received resources and training in new ways of teaching PE, using more active techniques and different pedagogical approaches
  • Teachers have used sport in cross-curricular ways in mathematics, science and other subjects and have developed new teaching materials.
  • The Iraqi schools have held meetings with parents and members of the local community highlighting the valuable role that PE and sport can play in young people’s development. The impact has been extraordinary with one school reporting that prior to these meetings many girls did not participate in PE; now 100% of students are involved.  

In addition to the school partnerships, the University of Salahaddin, Soran University and University of Chichester and the University of Baghdad and Sheffield Hallam University have worked together focusing on initial teacher training for future teachers of PE.