Ethiopian social entrepreneur Kibret Abebe Tuffa at the EUDevDays
Ethiopian social entepreneur KIbret Abebe Tuffa making a point at panel held by the British Council at the European Development Days on the role that social enterprise can play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  ©

Courtesy of EuDevDays

How do we and our partners support the growth of social enterprise? Here are some specific examples.  

Policy and government support

  • We are partnering with the UN to support the growth of social enterrpise and investment in countries across the Asia-Pacific region. 
  • In Vietnam we collaborated with policy mkaers and state-affiliatwed organisations to support the passage of the country’s first law to define and promote social enterprise. 
  • We and Social Enterprise UK supported Ghana’s Ministry of Trade and Industry in the formulation of the Ghana Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-18, the country’s first.
  • In Greece we are helping authorities to implement a national Social and Solidarity Economy strategy.
  • We advise the European Commission’s Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship and contributed to a European Action Plan for the Social Economy and Social Enterprises
  • We hold plenary and panel discussions at the European Development Days on embedding social enterprise approaches in international development. 
  • We co-host the Asia Policy Dialogue on social enterprise and social investment whichbrings together senior officials and advisors from 14 countries in Asia, as well as representatives from the UN, OECD, ADB and World Bank.

Training and mentoring 

  • In Kazakhstan, we partner with Chevron to equip social entrepreneurship pioneers with the skills, knowledge and support network to create sustainable solutions to problems in their communities 
  • Our programme with Diageo in India aims to foster gender equality and economic empowerment by cascading training to 4,000 women social entrepreneurs. Here’s one case study.
  • In Thailand and Indonesia, we brought in UK consultants to support social enterprises working in the creative industries, notably in the arts and crafts sector.  
  • Through our Business and Investment Readiness programme in Ghana, we brought together UK and Ghanaian organisations to co-develop an investment fund that can support impactful social enterprises such as MoringaConnect

Social enterprise in international development 

  • With the EU we launched a project in the Philippines to strengthen civil society participation in policy reforms and promote job creation, SME development and social stability via social enterprise.
  • In partnership with the EU, we also deliver substantial programmes to support social enterprise in Kenya, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka
  • We are delivering social enterprise training programme in Morocco to support youth employment and address some of the root causes of instability.  

Social enterprise and education

  • With Plymouth University we published a pioneering 12-country research study that examines how and why so many universities are collaborating with social enterprises.
  • Our Social Enterprise in Schools programme includes a free, downloadable resource pack helping educators to deliver social enterprise lessons and activities. Thes help students develop core skills and link to a number of curriculum areas, 
  • In Mexico, we are training 300 Higher Education students from 20 universities who will deliver social enterprise lessons in English in schools in the State of Mexico.   
  • We launched a UK-Canada overseas work-study programme called Students for Social Impact.

research and publications

  • We published a Survey of social enterprise in Bangladesh, Ghana, India and Pakistan as part of an on-going effort to build a global baseline of social enterprise and mobilise support for the sector. 
  • In 2015, we, SEUK and the World Bank published Think Global, Trade Social about the key role social enterprise and social investment can play in delivering more equitable development. It features a foreword by Prof. Muhammad Yunus. 
  • We have produced a guide to social enterprise in the UK as well as research on UK social enterprises that export 
  • We are conducting research across five countries on the role of social enterprise in supporting women’s empowerment.  

Raising awareness of social enterprise

  • In Vietnam, we collaborated with Hanoi TV on a 52-part television series about social enterprise. 
  • We sit on the organising committee of the Social Enterprise World Forum and contribute extensively to this annual global conference. Find out about the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum and register to attend.    
  • We raise awareness of social enterprise in the UK and internationally through our news and events site, newsletter, Twitter account (@SocEntGlobal) and through our media partnerships with the UK’s Pioneers Post and South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo.

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