SEWF 2019 Closing Ceremony ©

Synergy Habesha

In October 2019, the British Council hosted the Social Enterprise World Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The event aimed to support the growth and development of social enterprises in Ethiopia, Africa and the world.

The forum included 52 sessions over the three days, and was complimented with a concurrently held youth week, policy forum, academic symposium, rural symposium, study tours and two cultural evening receptions.

In total, 1,312 people attended the Social Enterprise World Forum from 71 different countries and territories. Those who attended included social enterprise leaders, policy makers, development partners, private sector representative, academics and practitioners.

To find out more, download the Social Enterprise World Forum 2019 - Final Report and experience or re-live the event by watching this video:

"The Social Enterprise World Forum exists to support the growth and development through the world" - SEWF

The event's closing ceremony culminated with a formal handover to the SEWF 2020 host Common Good Solutions, which will hold the event in Halifax, Canada on 23 - 25 September.

"Halifax is the epicentre for social enterprise in Canada. Common Good Solutions will be welcoming the world to the Social Enterprise World Forum" - Lauren Sears, Common Good Solutions

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