As part of our Global Social Enterprise programme, the British Council has been building international connections for the UK social enterprise movement for a decade – by sharing the UK’s experience in developing a supportive ecosystem for social enterprise, by creating opportunities for UK social enterprises to build international networks and work overseas, and by bringing learning from other countries back to the UK.

In support of this agenda, we are partnering with Social Enterprise UK through their annual Social Enterprise Awards to provide shortlisted social enterprises in certain categories with a bursary to support them to attend the 2019 Social Enterprise World Forum in Ethiopia.

Social Enterprise World Forum 2019

The British Council is hosting the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) this year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The annual forum will take place between 23 and 25 October and is expected to draw in around 1,200 social enterprise leaders, policy makers, development partners, private sector representatives and more.

With a theme of ‘Local Traditions, Fresh Perspectives’, this year's SEWF aims to provide all delegates with an authentic Ethiopian cultural experience through facilitating a number of study tours and side events alongside the main forum.

Bursaries for UK Social Enterprises to attend SEWF

The British Council is offering £1,000 bursaries to attend SEWF 2019 to all organisations shortlisted in certain categories in the UK Social Enterprise Awards. The bursaries are provided as a contribution to the cost of attending the Social Enterprise World Forum in Ethiopia, including the cost of flights, accommodation and SEWF tickets. 

We are providing the bursaries through our partnership with Social Enterprise UK (SEUK). The organisation's Social Enterprise Awards act as a valuable indicator of the social enterprise movement within the UK across 14 different categories. We are offering the offering the bursary to social enterprises that have have been shortlisted in the following categories:

Category 1: Social Enterprise in the UK

Category 8: Education, Training and Jobs Social Enterprise

Category 11: Women in Social Enterprise

Category 12: International Impact


Applications for the UK Social Enterprise Awards 2019 are now open and close on 21 July 2019. Shortlisted organisations will be notified in early September.

If you would like to apply for the UK Social Enterprise bursary for SEWF through the SEUK 2019 UK Awards application, please enter the Awards in one of the four categories listed above.

Who can apply?

Applications must be aligned with both the British Council and UK Social Enterprise Award guidelines. Please find these documents at the bottom of the page.

What we ask

In return for the UK bursary, we ask that those who are successful commit to producing a short blog or alternative communication about their experience at SEWF, which the Global Social Enterprise team can then share across our media platforms.

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