The selected service provider will develop a course focusing on women’s economic empowerment and train course facilitators who will deliver the face-to-face version of the course and provide moderation for the online version ©

British Council

We seek a supplier to develop a training package that supports women’s economic empowerment in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. 

This procurement is being managed by the British Council on behalf of the Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility. 

About the opportunity

The ICR Facility seeks to procure a service provider who will develop a high quality, interactive, flexible and modular training course focusing on women’s economic empowerment through business environment reform initiatives. 

Targeted at policymakers, business associations and other eligible public and private stakeholders in ACP countries, the course will be developed for both virtual and face-to-face learning options. 

The course will focus on key concepts and principles of, as well as tools for, gender sensitive and gender transformative business environment reforms to support women’s economic empowerment.

These materials will need to be available in both English and French. 

In addition to developing the course content, the service provider will be tasked with training a cohort of 20 course facilitators from across ACP regions who will deliver the face-to-face version of the course (adapting it, as needed, to the local context) and provide light touch moderation for the online version. 

The application deadline is 20 January 2022, and there is an opportunity to ask clarification questions by 7 January. 

The ICR Facility will conduct a separate procurement for the online platform (i.e. Learning Management System) to host the online version of the course.

Find out more and apply

To find out more about this opportunity, interested parties should register on the British Council’s electronic tendering site (In-Tend), via the link listed below, and then access the full opportunity using reference number BC/02229.

Please click on "How to register for the opportunity on In-Tend" for a step-by-step guide

And below, please find replies to clarification questions which were received by 7 January. 

How to register for the opportunity on In-Tend

The tender is available on the In-Tend portal with reference number BC/02229. 

It is called: Services for development and delivery of training on Women’s Economic Empowerment and Gender Equity and Equality for ICR Facility programme stakeholders in the African Caribbean and Pacific regions 

 Go to

You will be required to register for free with the below instructions:

  • Click on ‘Home’. This gives you the access to login as a registered vendor or register as a new vendor.
  • Click on ‘Register’. This allows you to enter your details under (i) Company details (ii) Business classification & (iii) Company category.
  • Click on ‘Register my company’. These allow you to complete the registration once the filling of these three details has been completed. Select the tab, which is at the bottom of the page. This can also be completed by individuals. Please note that only highlighted fields are mandatory

After the successful completion of your registration you will now have access to view and download the ITT documents for your submission on the portal with these instructions:

  • Log in with your credentials (if you haven’t registered, kindly register)
  • Click on ‘Tenders’ and select ‘current’. This gives you access to the list of tenders currently running. You can filter by selecting a particular country or search using the reference numbers or title of the tender. This can be found on the left pane.
  • Click on ‘view details’, which is usually at the bottom of each tender posting.

From there select ‘express interest’, also located on the bottom page. This opens up a Tab at the top called ‘ITT’. Select that Tab and you have access to all the documents, which are at the bottom of the page.


About the ICR Facility

The ICR Facility is co-funded by the European Union (EU) and the Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS), under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the British Council. The ICR Facility is implemented by GIZ, the British Council, Expertise France, and SNV. 

The ICR Facility supports public and private stakeholders in ACP countries to improve their investment climate and business environment via public-private dialogue. The Facility supports specific and targeted interventions at the economy-wide, sectoral, and value- chain levels with Technical Assistance for up to 90 days based on requests. It also works to strengthen national and subnational development financial institutions and compiles and shares good practices for improving the business environment and investment climate.

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