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This handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the UK’s thriving social enterprise sector. 

Packed with illuminating examples and useful links, it contains information on everything from the legal structures and ownership models adopted by social enterprises to the vibrant ‘ecosystem’ of support provided through schools and universities, incubators and accelerators. 

In its pages, you’ll also find an overview of the funding available for UK social enterprises covering grants, loans and investment as well as crowd sourcing and social impact bonds. There is a discussion of social impact measurement tools and of social enterprise networks, associations and media.

The closing chapter looks at the critical role government has played in facilitating and steering the development of the sector in the UK 

Social enterprise in the UK was written by Mark Richardson from Social Impact Consulting, drawing on earlier drafts from Nicola Bacon and Douglas Cochrane from Social Life and Dimitra Tzigianni, formerly a Social Enterprise Associate in our Global Social Enterprise Programme.

Authoritative and clearly written, it provides context and perspective as a well as a trove of information which we hope will appeal to general readers and sector insiders alike. 

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