Bangladesh is seen as a global pioneer in social enterprise thanks to organisations like BRAC and Grameen which have achieved wide recognition for their innovative work, broad impact and eagerness to share expertise with other countries.

Today there is a small but vibrant social enterprise movement in Dhaka and a relatively large amount of social-enterprise activity across the country.

To date, however, government has not actively engaged with the social enterprise ecosystem and there are no specific policy frameworks or legal form for social enterprise in Bangladesh. As a result, social entrepreneurs lack easy access to judicial advice, intellectual property protection, and bankruptcy laws.

Scoping Study

In order to facilitate the British Council’s engagement on social enterprise with government agencies in Bangladesh, a short term consultancy is being advertised for consultants with experience in scoping, environmental scanning and reporting.

The chosen supplier will consult with government agencies, private sector bodies, social enterprises, academics and other stakeholders in order to produce a report on developing an enhanced social enterprise policy framework in Bangladesh. 

The appointed supplier will be expected to travel to British Council offices in Bangladesh as required, in the delivery of the services, including for an international social enterprise policy dialogue held on 25-26 February in Dhaka.

  • The application deadline is 10 February 2015.
  • The contract will commence on 16 February 2015.

 If you’d like to know more and/or wish to apply, please download the Invitation to Tender from the links below and visit the event's page


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