Entrepreneurship Conference: Doing business the other way

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When: 3 November 2014

Where: Athens, Greece

On 3 November we join our forces with Prosvasis, in collaboration with the social enterprise Amphitrite, in organising the international conference on social entrepreneurship Doing business the other way.

The conference aims to 

  • strategic guidelines and experiences in international and Greek practice regarding the sustainability of social enterprises
  • social entrepreneurship development practices focusing on the internationalisation of businesses
  • successful international social entrepreneurship practices
  • innovative business tools for the establishment and development of social enterprises.

The conference will also highlight the importance of social entrepreneurship, especially at a time of economic crisis.

As part of the conference’s programme we will reward social enterprises from several fields with the Social Business Excellence Awards, which are being organised under the auspices of the Ministry for Development and Competiveness. Our aim is to recognise the achievement of sustainable business plans of existing or newly-established social enterprises and entrepreneurs in Greece who use innovative methods to address social problems.

The awards will provide recognition to both experienced and up-and-coming social entrepreneurs who are turning to alternative forms of enterprise, such as social entrepreneurship, and reward innovative ideas developed for the benefit of society. They will also serve to promote social entrepreneurship as a key pillar for growth and as a response to the problems of unemployment and social exclusion.

Through the awards, we aim to support creative entrepreneurship which combines the production of economic surplus with measurable social impact, and to create a network of young social entrepreneurs, innovators, institutions, companies and members of investment enterprises.

Visit the Social Business Excellence Website for more details on the event and to book your place now.


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