Inclusive Decision-making for Equal and Accountable Society 

About the project

In 2013 the British Council started a new European Union-funded project called IDEAS (inclusive decision-making for equal and accessible society) which aims to increase disabled peoples’ active involvement in decision making processes, and support government, civil society and media to apply a disability lens to their work.

The project ran for three years in six countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon and Ukraine. The UK also acted as a seventh participating country, sharing a history of leadership in inclusion and disability politics.

The British Council partnered with local disabled people organisations in each of the six countries and used the social model of disability and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) to frame the project. 

IDEAS involved disabled people in every stage of the project, and worked through consultation and collaboration. IDEAS applied a flexible methodology whereby each country could pilot initiatives which responded to their unique contexts and needs.

The British Council also played an important role as a non-disability organisation and has learnt a lot from implementing the IDEAS project. More detail is given in the below case study.

For more information on the different initiatives which were undertaken in each IDEAS project country, please visit our local British Council websites.