Active Citizens workshop

Active Citizens is a global network of community leaders that is being developed by the British Council and local civil society partners in participating countries. The goal is to build understanding and trust between communities by establishing an enduring global network of community leaders, who can work together to address the global issues of the 21st century.

Participants will improve their understanding of global issues, cross-cultural effectiveness, and broaden their international connections. Every participant will:

  • Develop a stronger sense of their own culture and identity through engagement with other cultures
  • Have an increased knowledge and understanding of how their local community works and its links to the rest of the world
  • Take action to improve society through sustainable initiatives
  • Work effectively with diversity

Active Citizens uses international cultural relations to help tackle the major challenges facing communities. These include issues arising from differences in race, religion or culture, access to sustainable livelihoods, environmental pollution and protection, health and educational opportunities, democratic participation, social exclusion and opportunities for women.


Active Citizens is aimed at people who are socially responsible, influential and engaged at a local community level. This may include youth workers, women’s groups, educators, community development professionals, voluntary sector representatives and faith leaders. By creating an international network for these community leaders, it is hoped they will gain experiences that will then help them to be more effective in their own countries.

To date, the programme has reached 210,000 people in over 46 countries across all eight regions: the Americas, the UK, Europe, Wider Europe, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.


The programme is run in communities selected by the British Council and our partners and stakeholders throughout the world. Participants are recruited locally once the participating communities have been announced.

The programme has an annual cycle of activity including: international seminars, training of trainers, local training of community members, international linking of community projects and international exchange visits.


To find out more visit the Active Citizens website or email us.

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