We have always believed that we need to create opportunities for all of us to connect, exchange ideas, learn from each other and work together if our societies are to develop, improve and overcome the challenges they face.

Conversations of our time is a series of free digital events that will give you the opportunity to learn from and engage with respected and inspiring thought leaders from around the globe. Each event will address a key societal issue and provide you with actionable insights from our expert panel to equip you to meet your societal challenges that have been intensified by Covid-19. Through this series you will be able to:

  • Find out how societies are evolving and changing  
  • Learn about the practical innovations and solutions that leaders have developed to support our communities to respond and recover
  • Ask questions and be part of a global discussion
  • Share your ideas, thoughts and innovations with other participants
  • Contribute to the ongoing conversation via #ConnectedByConversations.


Event series schedule

16 July: Learning fast from Covid-19

13 August: Living through uncertain times

17 September: Creativity in communities during Covid-19

15 October: The future of work

12 November: Leadership in times of change