Schools Now! Teaching, Learning and Life Beyond School

28 February- 1 March 2017 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Specifications for conference proposal submissions

Proposals should contain five parts: Title, conference sub-theme, programme abstract, longer summary and biographical details.The proposals will be reviewed by a panel of experts.

Proposals must be received by 9 December 2016.

Please see details of what you need to include in each part are given below:

Title: 15 words maximum.

Conference sub-theme: state which conference sub-theme your proposal addresses - Teaching, Learning or Life Beyond School 

  • Teaching: teacher recruitment, pre-service and in-service teacher training, innovative pedagogical approaches, international collaboration, self-evaluation
  • Learning:how students learn, redefining learning outcomes, new approaches to assessment, data analysis and effective intervention strategies
  • Life beyond school:student councils, extra-curricular opportunities

Presentation abstract: must be between 65 and 75 words.

Use the following points to organise the abstract of your talk that will appear in the conference programme.This information will be used by conference participants  to choose the sessions that they will attend.

  • two to three sentences to describe what you will cover in your presentation.
  • one sentence to present the pedagogical implication(s) of your work.
  • do not include any citations.

Please note that your abstract may be edited by the paper selection committee.

Summary: must be between 200 words to 300 words.

The summary will be vetted by the paper selection committee. Your summary should:

  • present a clearly stated rationale and point of view
  • relate your proposal to current research/practice
  • state clearly if your talk relates to your own research or is an overview of the field
  • clearly outline how you will structure and organise your session at the conference
  • list salient findings/anticipated outcome(s)
  • state the practical implications for other teacher educators and teachers g. expand all acronym(s) or abbreviation(s)

Biographical data: 25 words maximum.
It should have your full name, designation, affiliation,area of work/specialisation,and contact email address. It should be written in third person: e.g. Dr X teaches at the PQR


• Title

• Sub-theme your submission addresses

• Programme abstract

• Longer summary

• Biographical data

Please send all enquiries and paper proposals to

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