This application process has now closed for submissions. Please check back in the Autumn term for future application cycle details.

If you are new to international collaboration, a short-term partnership could open the door to a world of opportunities for your school.  

It’s easy to register and quick to get started, supported by a professional international practitioner and a host of project ideas and classroom resources.   

What are guided international partnerships? 

Guided international partnerships are designed for schools that are new to international collaboration and wish to find a partner to then start their global learning journey. To streamline the partnership process, the British Council will place you with an international school partner. 

Clusters of participants – representing a maximum of five UK and five overseas schools – work together on a project about climate change and the impact that it has on gender.  The international practitioner will help you develop your project through four one-hour webinars held approximately monthly and will also provide guidance, CPD and support with any questions that you may have.

Upon completion of the project, your international practitioner will advise on how to sustain your partnership and reccomend tools and resources that you might use in the future.

Please note that only one teacher per eligible UK and overseas school can apply to participate in these collaborations. 

Which schools can participate? 

As a member of a UK cluster you will be grouped with up to four other schools from across the United Kingdom, with an equivalent cluster of the same number of participating schools from overseas.

Participating countries for this collaboration are from the Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Middle East and North Africa, with specific countries to be confirmed. We will partner you with a school from one of these regions to work with for the duration of this collaboration.

Only state funded schools are eligible to apply. We accept applications from schools providing full-time general, vocational, technical and special needs education. We also welcome applications from alternative provision settings. 

Why should I take part?  

As children’s worlds have become smaller over the lockdowns, an international partnership will help broaden their horizons and provide exciting new learning opportunities. You will be able share best practice with your school cluster and acquire transferable skills to help your pupils to become globally aware and competent.

Participating is simple. You submit a short application form and we find an overseas partner school for you. All that we need is some information about your school and agreement from your school leadership that you can be released to take part in the programme. 

All schools taking part will automatically qualify to apply for the International School Award Foundation Level, ensuring recognition for your work.  

What content will be covered during the webinars? 

Webinar 1: Investigate

Learning objective: 

  • To recognise the value of developing common aims, priorities and plans based on Global Goals for Sustainable Development and COP27 to meet the needs of both or all partner schools, and on building on what is already working for others.

Webinar 2: Create

Learning objectives: 

  • To recognise the value of developing common aims, priorities and plans based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and COP27 to meet the needs of all partner schools
  • To build on what is already working for schools in the partnership.

Webinar 3: Take Action

Learning objectives: 

  • To identify examples of how individuals and groups, including young people, have taken effective and responsible action on local and global issues to promote social justice and sustainability. 
  • To consider where there are opportunities for learning about and learning for, climate change and gender equality within the context of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs)
  • Participants will identify steps to create an action for the SDGs with their partner schools, exploring some examples of young people both locally and globally who are changemakers.

Webinar 4: Celebrate

This celebration event is an opportunity for all schools to:

  • share their learning, 
  • celebrate success  
  • plan their next steps.


The deadline is Tuesday 16 May 2022 at 12.00 BST.

If you have any questions about the guided international partnerships offer, please do get in touch with the team with the subject line ‘Guided international partnerships’.