An interactive poster with 20 climate change challenges and activities for the classroom, at home and online.

The Climate Change Challenge

This free interactive resource is designed for teachers of / and pupils aged between 7 to 19. 

Challenges are designed to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 13 (SDG 13), to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

By clicking on each of the challenge icons, pupils will access further instructions and free online supporting materials, such as PowerPoint templates and websites with pre-prepared content including video and interactive online tools to support learning. Teachers and/or students can decide to undertake as many challenges as they feel able to and we encourage sharing these activities across the world via #TheClimateConnection.

The climate connection challenges can be undertaken without an international partner school, however the pedagogical benefits of collaborating on school projects across different countries are immense, and we highly recommend that using the resource has an international element, as is the global challenge that we are all facing. Please see below for more details on the challenges and how to find a partner school/s to engage with.

Curricular links

Curricular link examples for the UK:


Primary: Science, Geography, English, Computing and Art.  
Secondary: Geography, Art, English and Citizenship.   


Primary: Sciences (planet Earth); Social Sciences (people, place and environment); Literacy and English (listening and talking, writing), Technology; Expressive Arts  
Secondary: Social Sciences (people, place and environment, people in society, economy and business); Literacy and English (listening and talking, writing); Art.   


Primary: Science, Geography, English, ICT and Art.  
Secondary: Geography, Art, English, Personal and Social Education.   

Northern Ireland

Primary: The World Around Us, Language and Literacy, the Arts.  
Secondary: English with Media Education, Environment and Society, the Arts, Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.  


This resource has been developed in consultation with British Council schools’ ambassadors, who are teachers and educational consultants with experience in carrying out international school projects, both face to face and online with teachers and students from different countries across the world. 

The resource can be used with or without an international partner school, however one of the many pedagogical strengths of taking part in international projects is increased student motivation through shared and collaborative project based learning with an international audience. It is highly recommended that both teachers and pupils work with their international partner school or schools to help instigate and empower students to tackle climate change together, across cultures. If you need to find a partner school to work with, please go to the British Council school partner finding tool.

The climate connection challenge is an interactive pdf which hosts a collection of free curated online content. Each icon is hyperlinked to pre-prepared templates and learning materials from different websites, including the British Council, the United Nations, the BBC and the World Wildlife Fund. All of the content is intended to give students explorative learning opportunities. 

Challenges increase in difficulty as pupils progress from 1-20, however it is up to teachers and preferably their international partners and/or pupils to decide whether to progress in a linear or non-linear mode and whether to undertake just one or all of the challenges. 

Recognition for schools

As per challenge number 20, we encourage students, teachers and schools to get some recognition for any project work undertaken where there has been an element of international linking. Find out about the International School Award here

Your feedback

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