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Apply today for funding for international exchanges

Thousands more young people now have the chance to take part in international exchanges and visits, thanks to a new £2.5 million Department for Education programme running in partnership with the British Council.

Schools in England can apply for grants to take pupils aged 11 and above overseas – an opportunity to experience different cultures in Europe or further afield, improve their language skills and build independence, character and resilience.

The programme will fund trips for an estimated 2,900 pupils. It is aimed at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and we encourage participation by schools with above-average numbers of pupil premium students. 

Young people are encouraged to stay with host families where possible, giving them the best opportunity to practise their language skills and be fully immersed in another culture.

Support for schools

The programme is designed to make life easier for schools, with a simple application process, grants to cover administrative costs, and seminars to help schools without much experience of international visits to find partner institutions abroad.

The new support will build on the British Council’s free resources for schools to help them deal with issues such as child protection and risk assessments, which are often seen as barriers to international visits, but do not need to be.

  • British Council School Exchange Grants 2019 Application (Microsoft Word 44KB)
  • British Council School Exchange Grants 2019 FAQ (Microsoft Word 37KB)
  • British Council School Exchange Grants 2019 Guidelines (Microsoft Word 41KB)