UK schools can benefit from a language assistant to enrich classroom activities and bring fresh perspectives to language learning, helping to boost results.

Our language assistants are native speakers of French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Irish, coming from 14 partner countries across the world. They are keen to bring knowledge of their culture and language into your classroom, helping to make your students more socially conscious.

'That personal contact with someone from the country – it was just the impetus…It just made the world of difference.'

'The pupils were more confident in their final speaking exam.'

'Pupils gain so much: cultural insights; increased motivation to learn languages; benefiting from building a relationship with a "real" person from the country; up-to-date knowledge about current events and culture.' 

The value of language assistants

In our latest survey of over 300 UK schools hosting language assistants, Heads of Languages reported that their language assistant made a significant impact on attainment and learning outcomes in the following areas:

  • Improved exam grades (72%)
  • Improved cultural awareness (79%)
  • Increased enthusiasm or motivation for language learning (75%)
  • Improved standards in listening and speaking (81%)
  • Improved confidence in using the language (86%).

Hosting a language assistant also means your school will automatically qualify for level 1 of the International School Award.

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