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Language Assistants - Apply

Schools and local authorities can find out more about hosting a Language Assistant on Schools Online. 

In order to apply follow the steps below: 

The initial application deadline of 28 March has now passed and we have closed applications for Language Assistants from China.

However for all other languages and countries we are still able to accept applications and have extended the application period until 31 May 2014. All applications must be final by this date.

Email us at

Local Authorities

If you are a local authority school please consult the list of UK local authority contacts below before getting in touch with the British Council. If your school has a Local Authority Co-ordinator included in the list you should contact him or her directly. The local authority will submit an application on your behalf.

If your school does not have a Co-ordinator you must apply directly to the British Council. Non-local authority schools (including all academies) should also apply directly.

List of UK local authority contacts

Retaining current Language Assistant(s)

The British Council and our overseas partner agencies do not allow second-year extensions, apart from for assistants from France, as there is a long waiting list of excellent candidates each year who want to come to the UK. Should you wish to retain your current French assistant for a second year, please email with this enquiry.

Note: independent arrangements for Language Assistants to stay for a second year have a negative impact on the future success of the prograrmme by limiting the number of posts available to new candidates. Schools that make private arrangements to host assistants are not entitled to British Council support, training or documentation.