Let’s get Coventry speaking different languages as we celebrate this year’s combined UK City of Culture Coventry and Coventry City of Languages.

You can use these fun learning activities to challenge your class to find out more about what this means and play their part in putting Coventry on the map for languages and culture. Designed for use in the classroom, you could even pair up with pupils in a partner school to take the challenge together.

Completing just two international activity qualifies your school to apply for a Foundation level International School Award, so why not start your school’s international journey by completing two or more of the activities on the Coventry Language Challenge.

With versions available for a host of different languages and a blank template if you'd like to set your own activities, it's the perfect way to get your class exploring new languages. Once you've completed two activities, get your work recognised with an accreditation that will open the door to a world of opportunities. 

International School Award accreditation will enable you to join the British Council’s global network of schools. We can offer support, resources and opportunities to help connect and bring the world into the classroom.

"We are proud to be part of the education improvement and skills team at Coventry City Council. We believe that learning a different language from our own is a key skill to be encouraged and developed from an early age. Coventry is a wonderful city with a range of cultures and a fascinating variety of languages to be shared and celebrated.

We are pleased to be working with the British Council to support our schools and help them to become further involved in international education as part of a broad and ambitious curriculum. Through this we hope to celebrate the teaching and learning of languages that has enriched our lives and inspire others to follow our example.

We hope these language resources and the supportive British Council International School Award programme help all of our schools to become more globally-minded and ensure our beautiful, diverse city continues its world class commitment to culture and internationalism through all of its inspirational schools, educators and stakeholders."
Rachael Sugars and Helen Masefield
Education Standards and Quality Assurance Leads
Coventry City Council

Download the Coventry Language Challenge below, in a language of your choice, to get started. 

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