A misty day in Hong Kong
Hong Kong. Image ©

Mat Wright/British Council.

What is the opportunity?     

The British Council’s Social Innovation in South East Asia (SISEA) programme works to support the development of social innovation and social entrepreneurship in South East Asia with an explicit focus on supporting the growth of social enterprises.

In 2018 and 2019 a series of reports were published which provide baseline data for the current state of social innovation with the higher education systems in Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Overall the research highlights that social innovation interest and activity is growing within HEIs in the fields of research, teaching, knowledge exchange and community engagement and this presents a significant opportunity for international partnerships to be developed in order to share learning and experiences and to build exciting, new and innovative collaborations to address key social and environmental challenges.

Study Objectives

The British Council requires a supplier to support the design and development of its Social Innovation in Higher Education programme. The ultimate aim of the programme is to develop new and innovative bilateral and multilateral partnerships between HEIs in the UK and East Asia, with an explicit focus on social innovation. The current programme is built around four areas of impact:

  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Community engagement

Additionally gender and inclusion are themes that cut across the entire programme and suppliers should demonstrate how  the engagement strategy is sensitive to and responds to issues of how to engage women and other disadvantaged groups.

The countries and territories that are currently involved in the programme are: South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Qualifications required

  • Experience of social innovation in research, teaching and knowledge exchange
  • Experience of working internationally with specific experience in East Asia
  • Social Innovation Experience in Research, Teaching, knowledge exchange and community engagement

Outputs and Deadlines

The supplier should propose the following outputs by March 2021:

  1. Social Innovation and Higher Education engagement strategy and plan for implementation;
  2. Implementation of the plan by end March 2021;
  3. Insights and recommendations report which should as a minimum include a narrative report and a ppt presentation deck. Innovative approaches to presenting the information are strongly encouraged, as is the use of digital media, video etc. Long narrative reports (longer than 20-30 pages) are strongly discouraged e.g. word documents);
  4. Presentation of final report (output 3) to the British Council. We welcome proposals that bring together collaborative partnerships of academic institutions as well as collaborations that include non-academic organisations as well. 

How to apply

Supplier Responses must be submitted to gam.tran@britishcouncil.org.vn by the Response Deadline below.

All documents required as part of your tender response (maximum size of 8 MB) should be submitted.

The following requirements should be complied with when submiting your response:

  • Please ensure that you send your submission in good time to prevent issues with technology – late tender responses may be rejected by the British Council.
  • Do not submit any additional supporting documentation with your RFP response except where specifically requested to do so as part of this RFP. PDF, JPG, PPT, Word and Excel formats can be used for any additional supporting documentation (other formats should not be used without the prior written approval of the British Council). 
  • All attachments/supporting documentation should be provided separately to your main tender response and clearly labelled to make it clear as to which part of your tender response it relates.
  • If you submit a generic policy / document, you must indicate the page and paragraph reference that is relevant to a particular part of your tender response. 
  • Unless otherwise stated as part of this RFP or its Annexes, all tender responses should be in the format of the relevant British Council requirement with your response to that requirement inserted underneath. 
  • Where supporting evidence is requested as ‘or equivalent’ you must demonstrate such equivalence as part of your tender response.
  • Any deliberate alteration of a British Council requirement as part of your tender response will invalidate your tender response to that requirement and for evaluation purposes you shall be deemed not to have responded to that particular requirement.
  • Responses should concise, unambiguous, and should directly address the requirement stated.
  • Your tender responses to the tender requirements and pricing will be incorporated into the Contract, as appropriate. 

Clarification Requests should be submitted to gam.tran@britishcouncil.org.vn by the Clarification Deadline, as set out bellow. The British Council is under no obligation to respond to clarification requests received after the Clarification Deadline. 

Any clarification requests should clearly reference the appropriate paragraph in the RFP documentation and, to the extent possible, should be aggregated rather than sent individually.

The British Council reserves the right to issue any clarification request made by you, and the response, to all potential suppliers unless you expressly require it to be kept confidential at the time the request is made. If the British Council considers the contents of the request not to be confidential, it will inform you and you will have the opportunity to withdraw the clarification query prior to the British Council responding to all potential suppliers.

The British Council may at any time request further information from potential suppliers to verify or clarify any aspects of their tender response or other information they may have provided. Should you not provide supplementary information or clarifications to the British Council by any deadline notified to you, your tender response may be rejected in full and you may be disqualified from this Procurement Process.

  • RFP Issued to bidding suppliers: 21 October 2020
  • Clarification Deadline: 28 October 2020
  • British Council to respond to clarification questions: 30 October 2020
  • Response Deadline: 13 November 2020
  • Final Decision: 20 November 2020
  • Contract concluded with winning supplier: 27 November 2020
  • Contract start date: 30 November 2020