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What is the opportunity?

Higher education and tertiary education is recognised within the Sustainable Development Goals as an important part of development.

Since research published by Oktech et al in 2014, there have been no major reviews of the impact of tertiary education on development.

We are seeking a research proposal for a study into evidence since 2014 of the role in, and effect of, tertiary education on sustainable development. The study should identify gaps in the evidence and make recommendations about the best areas to research.

The study should focus on:

  1. low and/or lower middle income countries
  2. tertiary education and tertiary education institutions and systems
  3. both economic and non-economic development.

All submissions must include timelines to show how the deadlines will be met.

Study objectives

The proposal should:

  • look at the conditions that affect the impact of tertiary education on development
  • outline evidence of the macro-level impact of tertiary education in development
  • put together a body of knowledge to address the overarching question of how tertiary education can support development
  • make an evidence-based case for the role of tertiary education in development, in particular relating to system-level interventions in higher education, and the role of education in supporting other systems that are important to development.

The study will inform the global higher education programme we are designing in discussion with the Department for International Development.

Output and deadlines

16 January 2020 at 17.00: deadline for clarification questions from bidders

21 January 2020: deadline for us to respond to clarification questions

27 January 2020 at 11.00: deadline for submission of proposals

31 January 2020: final decision made regarding successful bidder

31 March 2020: final deadline for completion of project.

 A full outline of the proposal request, the instructions for responding and evaluation criteria are available as part of the tender opportunity accessible on our portal.

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