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What is the opportunity?  

Global Context

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, young people in Europe and across the world were increasingly mobile and connected but with educational and socio-economic inequality gaps across countries and communities. The COVID-19 pandemic, whilst accelerating digital trends and greater connectivity, reach and access for many, has negatively impacted education and employment opportunities and the mental health of young people. Evidence demonstrates that the pandemic has and will continue to hit vulnerable groups disproportionally, exacerbating existing inequalities between different groups (based on gender, race, ethnicity, (dis)ability and socio-economic background) and when compared to previous generations (OECD, 2020).  

2022 – The European Year of Youth

In light of this and the impact of the pandemic on young people in Europe, 2022 has been designated as the European Year of Youth, with the EU Commission focusing on young people and their needs to help them shape the future of Europe.

Next Generation

Stemming from the above context and the upcoming 2022 European Year of Youth, the British Council, and in particular the British Council’s Next Generation programme is well positioned to contribute to supporting the needs of young people globally, including in Europe.

Next Generation (NG) is a British Council research programme exploring the needs, potential, and aspirations of young people (18-30) globally on the basis of research and data collected in target countries and communities.

The programme works across three areas: research (understanding youth attitudes and aspiration), youth voice (amplifying youth voice), and policy impact (supporting better youth policy-making).

There is a need for the British Council to cross-analyse the findings and data across the Next Generation research portfolio to identify themes, and engage with relevant stakeholders across the UK, Europe and globally.

The British Council’s Research and Policy Insight Team seeks to commission a relevant supplier(s) to provide the following services: 


• Review and analysis of NG reports to inform the production of ‘what we know’ thematic briefing papers. • Desk research/literature review on the current global youth policy and strategy context relevant to the three core areas of NG activity.

• Case Studies of British Council and external programming relevant to the three identified core areas of Next Generation, across British Council Priority Countries, as well as at regional and global level.

Stakeholder engagement activities:  

• A series of online public sessions to launch the ‘what we know briefs’ and engage key stakeholders.  

• These engagement activities should include a range of young leaders and youth representatives, policymakers, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders in the panels and audience.  

• The stakeholder engagement activities will be convened to support the European Year of Youth, whilst continuing to have a globally representative discussion in terms of participants and audiences. See below for more details. 

Research objectives:

The objectives of this research and stakeholder engagement consultancy opportunity are:  

  • To produce a set of accessible global analyses on youth livelihoods, opinions and perspectives for British Council colleagues to use internally to inform programming and to use externally for stakeholder and donor engagement activities.  
  • To develop a series of engagement opportunities for young people across the world to reflect on and engage with the relevant findings and topics from the NG portfolio, providing an opportunity for a global dialogue with policymakers and other stakeholders.  
  • Continue to develop the usefulness and reach of the existing portfolio of NG research.  

In turn, these objectives will:  

  • Act on and meet the recommendations and suggestions provided through a recent NG review and steering group.  
  • Support Next Generation objectives in research, youth voice and policy impact.  
  • Contribute to the British Council’s global reputation as a thought leader and expert on youth attitudes and aspiration and a trusted convener of youth-focused policy dialogue, and future work with donors.  

Qualifications required:

The British Council is looking for a supplier or a consortium of suppliers who:  

  • Has a strong and demonstrated background in qualitative research and analysis, related to youth voice, participation, attitudes and aspiration   
  • Has a strong and demonstrated track record in developing, managing and delivering a series of online stakeholder engagement activities for a global audience  
  • Has proven ability to work collaboratively and inclusively with a range of internal and external stakeholders, including by not limited to the British Council and its partners
  • Has the capacity, networks and experience required to actively engage young researchers and other young advisors (18-30 years old) located across the world in the project (in both its research and stakeholder engagement strands)
  • Has an understanding of UK, EU and International policy making and stakeholders relevant to youth voice, participation, attitudes and aspiration
  • Offers good value for money 
  • Capacity to deliver within the timeframes set out. 

Outputs and deadlines:

The outputs that we would envision would be:  

  • ‘What We Know’ briefs: Up to five accessible, easy-to-read and short ‘what we know’ briefs, each focusing on a particular topic or theme, agreed upon through a consultation process with the British Council. Suggestions include:   
  1. NG chapters: Education, Employment, Community and Civic Engagement, Global Outlook etc.  
  2. Topical themes: Women and Girls, Climate Change, Open Societies, Science and Tech, Digital.  
  • Slide decks: A (or a number of) slide deck(s), designed within British Council branding, highlighting key findings from the ‘what we know’ briefs.  
  • A series of online sessions: A series of online engagement activities which will allow for young people across the world to reflect on and engage with the debates and findings highlighted in the ‘What We Know’ briefs, alongside policymakers, youth practitioners and other stakeholders.  
  • A write-up note on the debates and discussions from the online sessions: To summarise the debates and discussions from the webinars and identify and highlight key recommendations and calls to action for the British Council and relevant stakeholders (including policymakers) to take forward in its wider programming and partnerships. 


Date / time 

RFP Issued to bidding suppliers 

Monday 15th November 2021 

Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline)  

Sunday 21st November 2021 (23.59 GMT) 

British Council to respond to clarification questions 

Tuesday 23rd November 2021 (23:59 GMT) 

Deadline for submission of Proposals by potential suppliers (Response Deadline)  

Sunday 5th December 2021 (23:59 GMT) 

Final Decision 

Wednesday 15th December 2021 

Inception meeting and Contract start date 

Monday 20th December 2021 (14:00 GMT) 

The deadline for completion of the research process and delivery of the above outputs is 31 March 2022.

How to apply:

To access the full details, the supplier response documents and to submit a response, visit the British Council’s e-Tendering portal hosted at

You can find this opportunity under reference number BC/02163.