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What is the opportunity?

We are seeking an expert, or small group of experts, to better understand the creation, flows and resultant capital stock of the British Council. This will be a short, initial contract.

These capital stocks and flows arise from British Council work, including the intangible assets of cultural, social and human capital. 

The work described in this tender concerns the nature, mechanisms, benefits, scale and valuation of the intangible capital.

The successful expert(s) will: 

  • draw together existing knowledge
  • apply that to the British Council context with an innovative approach
  • take the first steps toward a full treatment of relevant capitals within the British Council’s strategic political and economic framework.

Background and context

We want to measure the economic benefits of our work. We’re doing so by examining the creation and flows of capital, and the stream of benefits that arises due to, or is affected by capital assets. 

Flows of, for example, skills, education and knowledge are: 

  • examined under the lens of human capital
  • embedded cultural aspects in skills and assets as cultural capital

as social capital. 

Potential value of capital assets includes can operate across countries, institutions and individuals. British Council programming can create or enhance these. Capital value is also created within the British Council as a cultural relations agency.

This value can be found in its relationships, tacit knowledge, and people’s awareness of and positive attitudes towards it. These traits may be of value to the UK by creating a flow of benefits increasing the effectiveness of British Council programme activity. This can include other UK government activity and activity of other UK entities, such as private business in operations outside the UK.

We think about capital, in the context of cultural relations, as intangible assets. These intangible assets, including our brand value, help us to do our cultural relations work.

Study objectives and purpose 

We want to know whether this type of capital exists within a cultural relations organisation, what it consists of and its main implications.

If such capital value exists, we believe it has been overlooked as a UK asset. We wish to increase our understanding of it as well as to improve our ability to value it and the stream of benefits which it creates or enhances.

The insight from the work will become part of our evidence base, influence strategy and inform policy discussion regarding cultural relations’ place in UK’s international strategy. 


  • experience in researching and valuing intangible assets
  • experience in valuing flows of economic capital
  • understanding of the British Council context and operations
  • experience of producing outputs that are readily and practically applicable in a public policy (or equivalent) environment

Outputs and deadlines

Request for proposals issued to bidding suppliers  Monday 26 October 2020
Clarification deadline Monday 16 November 2020

British Council to respond to clarification questions

Friday 20 November 2020
Response deadline Monday 23 November 2020
Final decision Friday 27 November 2020
Contract concluded with winning supplier              Friday 4 December 2020

How to apply

A full outline of the proposal request, the instructions for responding and evaluation criteria are available as part of the tender opportunity accessible on our portal.

You must register an account before you can express an interest in the tender and download the tender pack.