10:30AM - 12:30PM
Thursday 7 March 2024 (online) 

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The British Council is delighted to invite you to the launch of our latest report - Next Generation What We Know: Women and Girls. This event will unveil the latest insights on the experiences of young women and girls from diverse corners of the globe.


What is Next Generation What We Know: Women and Girls?

As part of the Next Generation flagship programme, the British Council publishes global comparative analyses and summaries of ‘what we know’ about youth perceptions across the world.

This edition explores our Next Generation research through a gender lens and delves into the experiences of young women and girls in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Poland, and Viet Nam.

Our analysis centres on focus areas such as education, empowerment, and ending violence.



This online event will include a presentation of key findings, as well as panel discussions on supporting and accelerating progress for women and girls.

Welcome and Introduction

Mark Stephens (Director Cultural Engagement, British Council)

Christine Wilson (Director Research and Insight, British Council)

Next Generation What We Know: Women and Girls - Key Findings

Presentation followed by Q&A
Amina Khan (Founder, CineKhan)
Responding to Report Findings: Young People's Perspectives

Panel discussion featuring young people from Indonesia, Pakistan and Poland.

(More details coming soon)

Responding to Report Findings: Perspectives from Policy and Practice

Panel discussion featuring leading experts in policy and practice relating to young women and girls. 

(More details coming soon)

Closing remarks British Council


Why attend?

There is global consensus on the urgent need for addressing gender inequalities to support development. This is underscored by the incorporation of Goal 5 – gender equality – in the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite comprising 50% of the population in most countries in the world (UN, 2024), women and girls encounter persistent constraints hindering their ability to thrive on an equal footing with men.

For young people navigating important life stages – such as moving from education into employment, building careers, and starting families – this is a critical time. The trajectory of their lives can be influenced significantly by gender-based expectations and societal pressures. Gendered norms and expectations not only shape ambitions but also impose limits on the choices made by young people.

Whilst this affects all young people, the outcomes are often more restrictive for young women - underscoring the importance of listening to young women's experiences and taking urgent action to accelerate global progress in this area.


About Next Generation 

  • research series conducted in over 25 countries to date
  • engaging with over 50,000 young people aged 16 - 35 since 2009

Next Generation aims to understand youth attitudes and aspirations, amplify the voices of young people and support better policy making and programming. Next Generation focuses on topics such as education and skills, youth voice and civic engagement, identity and values, climate change, conflict, and many others. Each project includes a nationally representative survey and employs a range of participatory and creative qualitative methods and capacity building opportunities.

In 2024, The British Council will be publishing Next Generation Banglandesh, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Sudan, UK and a thematic policy brief series, What We Know: Women and Girls.


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