Peaceful and prosperous societies require the trust and active participation of their youth populations. This research series uncovers the aspirations and needs of young people around the world, focusing on countries that are experiencing significant change. It aims to ensure that young people’s interests are properly represented in policies that are impacting their lives and shaping their futures.

Next Generation reports

November 2023

Next Generation Albania

This report highlights young Albanians’ perceptions, aspirations, priorities, and needs.

June 2023

Next Generation Pakistan

This report examines the views, values, beliefs and actions of young people in Pakistan, and the challenges they face today.

Group of Friends Riding Public Transport
October 2022

Next Generation Indonesia

Next Generation Indonesia explores the attitudes, aspirations and challenges shared by young Indonesians across the country.

Group of young men sitting on the floor, talking and laughing
May 2022

Next Generation: What We Know Briefs

This report explores the main themes from the Next Generation series: education and skills, local and global challenges, and political and civic engagement of young people.

Image of a young Polish woman sitting at a table on the street
June 2021

Next Generation Poland

This study captures the experiences, aspirations, ambitions and values of Poland’s youth.

Next Generation briefs and overviews