The British Council is pleased to invite you to Next Generation: A Global Dialogue on Youth Priorities and Empowerment, a day-long dialogue and networking event showcasing the latest research and insights from the British Council’s youth research programme, Next Generation.

On Wednesday 28th February 2024 at 10:30 – 17:00 GMT at The Conversation Room at t
he Royal Institution at 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS.

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 What is Next Generation: A Global Dialogue?

Throughout 2024, more than half of the world’s population will head to the ballot box and cast their vote in history’s largest political exercise. Young people across the world, including those in the UK, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh will be letting the world know of the priorities and challenges that are most important to them.

Next Generation: A Global Dialogue will bring together the perspectives of young people across Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, AlbaniaBangladesh and Iraq to explore their opinions and aspirations around Education and Employment, Political Awareness and Civic Engagement, and Youth Empowerment and Global Leadership.

What will happen at Next Generation: A Global Dialogue?

Next Generation: A Global Dialogue will include;

  • An 'Introduction to Participatory Research’ session for young people to understand and develop their research skills in participatory research approaches.
  • A series of panel discussions on Next Generation research in Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, Albania, Bangladesh and Iraq.
  • A number of group discussions to understand youth perspectives and how better programming and policy can respond to youth priorities across Education and Employment, Civic Engagement and Global Challenges.
  • A preview into upcoming Next Generation research, including our upcoming ‘What We Know:  Women and Girls’ policy briefs.
  • A lunch and networking session for participants and attendees.

Next Generation: A Global Dialogue will be an opportunity for young people, youth organisations, international institutions, policy influencers, and academics to come together and share, collaborate and work together to understand and empower the opinions and aspirations of young people.


Session Title   

09.45 - 10.25  An Introduction to participatory research methods – A capacity building session for young people – The Demonstration Room, RIGB 
10.30 - 10.40  Welcome and introduction – Christine Wilson, Director Research & Insights British Council –  The Conversation Room, RIGB 
10.40 - 11.15  Hot seat: Next Generation Research, building evidence and shaping programmes –  The Conversation Room, RIGB
11.15 - 11.30  Comfort break 

11.30 - 12.20 

Next Generation headlines and panel discussion – The Conversation Room, RIGB
  • Indonesia  
  • Pakistan  
  • Albania  
  • Sudan  
  • Bangladesh  
  • Iraq  
12.20 - 12.45  Next Generation What We Know: Women and Girls, a preview – The Conversation Room, RIGB
12.45 - 13.30  Lunch – The Mezzanine, RIGB 
13.30 - 14.15  Parallel sessions on challenges faced by young people and how to overcome them in:  
  • Education and employment 
  • Civic engagement 
  • Global challenges  

The Mezzanine, The Demonstration Room and The Conversation Room 

14.15 - 14.30  Tea/coffee break – The Mezzanine, RIGB 
14.35 - 15.30  Panel Discussion – Supporting young people and their ambitions – The Conversation Room, RIGB
15.30 - 16.00  Reflections from UK Diaspora Leaders – integrating expertise – The Conversation Room, RIGB
16.00 - 16.10  Closing remarks – The Conversation Room, RIGB
16.15 - 17.00  Networking drinks The Mezzanine, RIGB 

How do I register?

Register for the event

Please note that attendance is limited.

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About Next Generation 

Next Generation has been conducted in over 25 countries and engaging with over 50,000 young people aged 16 - 35 since 2009. Next Generation aims to understand youth attitudes and aspirations, amplify the voices of young people and support better policy making and programming. Next Generation voices topics from Education and skills, Youth voice and civic engagement, Identity and Values, Climate Change, Conflict and instability and a range of other topics. Next Generation includes a nationally representative survey and employs a range of participatory and creative qualitative methods and capacity building opportunities.

In 2024, The British Council will be publishing Next Generation Sudan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, UK and a thematic policy brief series, What We Know: Women and Girls.