Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) is an ambitious programme that supports the development of creative and social enterprises in the UK and five key emerging economies: Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, and South Africa.

DICE seeks to support supports progress on the Sustainable Development Goals by addressing two critical issues:

  1. rising unemployment, underemployment and poor-quality employment prospects for young people in emerging economies
  2. the lack of inclusive economic development in emerging economies which can translate into instability, political disaffection and reduced economic growth.

It does this by delivering initiatives at three levels of the economy – systemic, institutional and individual – and by working across borders, sectors and silos in order to:

  • promote a more enabling environment for creative and social enterprise
  • bring about positive change to national and regional policies, and
  • support innovative, collaborative responses to local and global challenges.

Systemic engagement and research

At the systemic level we hold policy dialogues, undertake research and build networks to foster a more supportive environment for social and creative entrepreneurship. 

Through DICE, we expect to engage with over 600 policymakers and influencers by 2020 to identify systemic barriers and support legislation, strategies and funding that enable social and creative enterprises to flourish. Our work in this area is supported through partnerships with organisations such as United Nations ESCAP and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment.

Our current research includes a multi-national survey of the social and creative enterprise ecosystem in each DICE country. We are also conducting research on the potential of social and creative enterprises to achieve inclusive growth; innovative solutions to the pressing issues that cities face (download here); the future economies of work; and the contribution of cultural development to the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Institutional support

At the institutional level we are strengthening intermediary organisations that support social and creative enterprises through brokered funding and collaborative projects. 

This includes the £2m DICE Fund, which provides grants to intermediary organisations (such as impact hubs, accelerators and universities) which support the development of creative and social enterprises. Through the funded intermediaries, the Fund supports partnerships between the UK and DICE countries that are explicitly designed to:

  • empower women and girls
  • foster youth employment, and/or
  • support the inclusion of disabled people and other marginalised groups. 

In 2018, over 800 organisations registered interest in the Fund, and we received 210 grant applications by UK intermediaries and their overseas partners. After careful review, we have awarded DICE Collaboration grants to 29 interventions that will strengthen an estimated 230 creative and social enterprises in 2019-20.

Read summaries of these DICE projects here.

For more info on the DICE Fund and grants visit the DICE Fund page, but please note that we are not accepting new DICE grant applications currently.   

Empowering individuals 

At the individual level we are offering business development and leadership training support to individual creative and social enterprises.

Between 2018-20, we are providing capacity building and fellowship programmes to some 2,600 young creative and social entrepreneurs (18-30-year olds) to improve their knowledge and skills while also helping them to build networks and access support to innovate and/or grow their businesses.

Find out more

Watch this DICE video or read this Pioneers Post article, which sets out the rationale, aspirations and opportunities for DICE.

Read summaries of the projects supported by the DICE Collaboration Grants. 

Join our DICE LinkedIn group for the latest on the programme and opportunities to get involved. 

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DICE brings together two interconnected movements -- social and creative entrepreneurship -- to foster grassroots solutions to local challenges and innovative thinking about global ones. ©

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About the DICE team

The British Council’s DICE global team is committed to action-learning and agile planning, constructive dialogue, and collaborative, generous and shared leadership. We are actively seeking ways to build our evidence-base, learn from organisations and individuals around the world and cultivate cross-sectoral partnerships and economies of scale.

These values are ‘live values’ and embedded in our strategy, programme design and delivery, and provide guidance in how we work with one another, and with our external partners.Our growing global team is striving to create a non-hierarchical leadership structure, where our cross-disciplinary expertise in creative and inclusive economies and our unique life experiences together make DICE.   

Our team currently includes Tristan Ace, Ingy Amin, Claire Arnott, Cristina Becker, Talha Chishti, Bella Eames-Matthews, Saba Ehsan, Zeenia Faraz, Ahmed Fouad, Ahmed Furqan, Kate Gardner, Mohamed Hamdy, Dr Mairi Mackay, Daniel Manjarres, Grace Meadows, Thoriso Moseneke, Yusra Nabil, Adam Pillsbury, Sarah Ramadhita, Emily Rogers, Sanya Saif, Becky Schutt, Ari Sutanti, Muhaimin Syamsuddin, Rami Tawfiq and Effie Vourakis.   

Dr Mairi Mackay has written this opinion piece that sets out the rationale, aspirations and opportunities for DICE. 


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