British Council Tawamandi programme - a group of Afghan men and women sat talking at a meeting

British Council Afghanistan, Tawanmandi project

Clients Department for International Development (DFID), Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), Royal Norwegian Embassy, Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC)
Value £31.68 million
2011 to 2015
Country Afghanistan

Through the Tawanmandi programme our project team is working to give civil society organisations in Afghanistan greater capacity to influence the government in being more accountable and responsive to the needs of Afghan citizens.

Through the provision of capacity development opportunities and project funding, we help to strengthen the operational and advocacy capabilities of civil society organisations, with a particular focus on the areas of human rights, access to justice, peace-building, conflict resolution, anti-corruption and the media. 

Delivering impact 

A total of 78 project grants have been awarded through the programme. Funded projects have directly benefited close to 150,000 Afghan citizens in 29 provinces and 187 districts across the country. Through these projects, a total of 1,874 workshops have been delivered focusing on human rights, access to justice, peace-building, conflict resolution, anti-corruption and the media. 

Preventing conflict 

Over 400 peace councils have been established at a local level in nine provinces to address and resolve local conflicts relating to land, irrigation, inheritance and family-based issues. This includes 80 female peace councils and 160 peace councils dealing specifically with young people. In the last year, peace building and awareness training has been provided to more than 900 people, leading to some village councils being able to end or prevent local conflict. 

Ensuring access to justice 

Ten projects funded through Tawanmandi provide legal aid, defence and counselling to ensure access to justice for individuals. Thanks to these projects, close to 490 legal cases have been successfully resolved over the past year. Through one project alone, 242 (85 per cent) of the 284 resolved cases involved women. 

Advocating for improved lives 

In the past year, advocacy projects funded through Tawanmandi have resulted in two national policy changes that will help improve the lives of people living with disabilities in Afghanistan. Improvements include discounts on education and housing, and the eligibility of people with disabilities to stand in elections.


'Although I am the headmistress of a school, many of the topics at the training were new to me. I am sure that many of those who attended this training will think differently about the issues of early or child marriage and of the beating of women and girls. As a headmistress this new knowledge puts a huge responsibility on my shoulders, but I am happy to have this responsibility and carry that learning to as many people as I can’.

Headmistress, member of local peace council and participant in Tawanmandi access to justice workshop