Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme

Our objective

To build capacity in countries which has significant skills gaps, especially, but not exclusively, around their oil and gas industries. To support young people who are looking to make a difference through scholarship programmes and international exchange.

Our strategy

Our partnership developed out of a mutual interest in supporting a trained, skilled workforce throughout the world. Tullow Oil recognises that a skilled workforce ensures longevity and successful business development. The British Council is dedicated to fostering international partnerships between higher education institutions and helping students who want an international study experience, and comes to the partnership with a strong track record of scholarship administration and management.

The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme allows students from countries where Tullow Oil works to undertake Master’s and postgraduate programmes in oil and gas related subjects at universities in the UK and Europe. The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme, now in its second year, funds up to 110 post graduate, technical and vocational studies. Scholarship recipients come from a variety of countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Gabon and Suriname.

Our impact

Since our partnership began in 2011, we have expanded the scholarship scheme from 24 Ghanaian students to 110 students from 11 countries in 2013/14. Tullow Oil has invested over £5 million towards the scholarship scheme.

We meet regularly to develop partnership projects based on this successful scholarship. Currently, we are conducting skills gap research in Ghana, Uganda, and Mauritania and coordinating an alumni programme in the UK and overseas for Tullow Group scholars. 

“We have our very important scholarship scheme in very safe and trusted hands.” Rosalind Kainyah, Vice President, External Affairs & CSR, Tullow Oil