Supporting cultural dialogue in the Baltic States

As part of a substantial integrated programme to promote cultural diversity and choice in the Russian language media in the Baltic States, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has awarded the British Council a £2 million grant for a one year initiative, starting on 1 April 2016.  Within this framework, we will be delivering a series of projects designed to support the inclusion of and dialogue between Russian speaking communities, their Baltic State co-nationals and other Europeans. 

Russian speakers are mostly found in the more socially and economically disadvantaged communities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The British Council is working with host governments and a range of local partners to design and deliver projects that will create opportunities for members of these communities that will build their confidence and skills for successful social, cultural and economic participation and inclusion.

In order to achieve this, projects will be delivered in the following areas:

  1. Improving school leadership by focusing on linguistic and cultural diversity, 21st century skills, media literacy, internationalism and citizenship
  2. Youth empowerment and community cohesion 
  3. English language teaching and learning 
  4. Arts for social action and for cultural exchange

Early projects currently underway include:

  • A series of study visits to the UK for school leaders from the Baltic States;
  • Summer schools for English language teachers in all three countries;
  • An international summer school for young leaders, with participants from the three Baltic States, the UK and Ukraine; and
  • A series of integrated arts events incorporated into the summer arts festivals that take place in all three countries.  

All projects will target mixed groups of Russian speakers and national language speakers. 

As the project develops, we will be seeking out additional UK partners to help design and deliver effective programmes across all three Baltic States. 


June 2016