Work continues to improve teaching standards in Burma

In 2016, the British Council agreed a seven month contract extension to continue delivering the English for Education College Trainers (EfECT) project in Burma (Myanmar) until June 2017, bringing the total value to £5.3 million.

EfECT is co-funded by the Department for International Development and the British Council. The extension is designed to build on the first two years of the project in order that work may continue to strengthen and improve teacher education standards.

In addition, the extension is viewed as a necessary step towards guaranteeing sustainability of the achievements gained in the first two years of the project, to deliver ongoing change in teacher education and, ultimately, in teaching and learning standards across Burma. To date, beneficiaries of the project have developed a greater awareness of effective teaching methodology and improved their English language skills.

As EfECT continues, the aim will be to build on these skills with a view to producing a cohort of professionalised ‘Master-trainers’ equipped with the skills and knowledge required to implement change in education, particularly in pre and in-service teacher training, and therefore provide essential capacity for Burma’s emerging education reform process.

There are three main areas of focus during the project’s extension period. They are:

  1. Train the Trainer - training selected Master trainers in each college to support the development of teachers and teacher educators (TEs).
  2. English Methodology Training - training English TEs to support the development of primary English language teaching.
  3. English Proficiency - continue teaching English proficiency to all academic and methodology TEs to support ongoing TE development.


February 2017