Horn of Africa Leadership and Learning for Action (HOLLA)

Through a new EU-funded project, the British Council is supporting young people to become engaged in national and local development in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan.

Horn of Africa Leadership and Learning for Action (or HOLLA) works with youth and community members to develop their skills and knowledge in leadership and community cohesion.

By establishing youth coalitions and empowering youth leaders, HOLLA is enabling young people to lead on and play an active role in social action projects and campaigns that can contribute positively to the region’s future. 

In August, the project was officially launched in the participating countries through awareness-raising events. These events were attended by youth leaders, civil society organisations, community leaders, and representatives from local government and the EU.

HOLLA is implemented by national partner organisations in each country. During the project’s first year, youth coalitions have been formed at the country and regional levels, and common goals and objectives have been developed for the duration of the project. 

The three-year project is worth a total of €1 million. 

Read more about the HOLLA project here.


October 2015