British Council

The British Council is running a new initiative to develop the knowledge and skills of aspiring international development experts in Burma. 

Development Opportunities – DEVOPS for short – aims to increase local input in development work across Burma by building the capacity of new development professionals. 

Recruiting trainee consultants, DEVOPS provides a unique combination of training, mentorships and practical assignments on development projects funded by DFID and the European Union. 

The training equips trainee consultants with the capacity to employ a range of tools and techniques to support development projects, and it focuses on the areas that are central to Burma’s development, including education, civil society and the rule of law.

The first DEVOPS trainees completed their training in August 2015 and have already had the opportunity to contribute their skills and expertise to British-Council run development project in Burma. 

“DEVOPS has changed the way I see my role in developing my country,” says one trainee. “It also provides the skills and confidence to shape the way international consultants work here, too.” 

With a second set of trainees beginning their work in September 2015, the DEVOPS programme looks to build on its initial success and play a crucial role in supporting the future development of Burma. 


October 2015