Governance, economic reform and civil society programme in Sudan seeking several experts in a range of disciplines.

British Council is in the process of developing a proposal for DFID Sudan as part of a new macro-governance and economic reform programme. The programme has been given ministerial approval, and is expected to start in early 2019. The British Council’s role – once agreed – will be to operate a management support Unit at the centre of the overall programme, as well as having direct responsibility for the macro-governance Pillar of the programme. The programme will run, initially, for three years.

Under the main Pillars of the programme (economic reform, governance reform, and donor coordination) there are a range of possible themes and topics that the programme may address. The programme will be highly flexible and responsive to context, so clarity of themes at the start is not possible.

We also know that we will need to call upon technical support, as the core team we are proposing will be relatively small, again allowing us to be flexible and bring in expertise to suit the theme and context in question.

We are therefore developing a Framework for experts, where will look to pre-select a number of consultants and experts that we can then access on a call-down basis during the implementation of the programme. This will also be necessary to streamline procurement processes.

We will be looking to identify experts who can demonstrate experience in some or all of the following areas:

  • Working in Sudan.
  • Economic reform: from macro to micro-governance; policy reform; development economics; statistics and economic modelling; poverty reduction and social protection; social safety nets; resource mobilisation; public expenditure and financial management; investment climate; regional economic integration; international financial normalisation.
  • Governance reform: political economy analysis and contextual analysis; civil society and CSOs; institutional reform; organisational capacity assessments; subnational governance; grant management; advocacy and engagement; parliamentary reform
  • Strategic communications.
  • Media.
  • Stability, security and conflict: analysis, programme management and more.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

We expect that assignments will vary, some being as short as five days, others may last for several weeks or even months. Each assignment will be set out in full terms of reference and scope of work.

If you wish to register your interest, please send a CV and a summary (maximum 500 words) of relevant experiences to with title: EOI DFID Sudan Programme.