Children running in front of a map of Arfica

Mat Wright

A diverse region with immense potential, Sub-Saharan Africa is on the rise. Through our international development work, we are helping to make a positive difference in the region by achieving sustainable change in education and society. 

Across a range of programmes and partnership initiatives, we work with organisations and governments to deliver key interventions in our core areas of justice, governance, school leadership, and higher education and skills.

Improving education

In Kenya we support teacher development through the DFID-funded Teacher Performance and Integrity in Kenya Programme. Working with the Teacher Service Commission, we are helping to address key issues such as teacher absenteeism and teacher performance appraisal in Kenyan schools.

In response to the youth unemployment challenge across Africa, we are commissioning the Institute of Education at the University of London to undertake the Universities, Employability and Inclusive Development Research and Advocacy Project. This research will have the potential to contribute to the development of university systems in both Africa and the UK and will recommend policy and practice changes to promote employability and inclusive development.

Strengthening society

The new £26 million DFID Zambia Accountability Programme will give us the opportunity to strengthen public services and increase citizen participation in the governance of the country.

A recent funding extension to the Civil Society Support Programme in Ethiopia demonstrates the confidence of the programme’s multiple donors in the success and impact we are achieving. The programme, which provides grants and capacity development opportunities to civil society organisations, now has a total value of €40 million.

In Nigeria we are DFID’s partner of choice in the justice and conflict management sectors. Two significant programmes we deliver here are the £47 million Justice for All programme, which improves access to justice and personal safety, and the £33 million Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, which focuses on non-violent conflict resolution and reducing the impact of violence on the most vulnerable.

A focus on gender 

A cross-cutting theme of our work is the rights of women, girls and children. Through partnership with AdvocAid, a local non-governmental organisation in Sierra Leone, we deliver the EU-funded Strengthening the Rights of Women and Girls project, which focuses on the promotion and protection of girls, women and their children.

Looking ahead

To help promote our work and strengthen our relationships, we regularly participate in regional international development events. We are a lead sponsor for the 2014 Devex International Development Partnership Forum in Nairobi, where we will have the chance to network with over 300 representatives from the international development sector.

We are actively tracking a pipeline of contract opportunities in the areas of education and society. These new projects will give us the potential to build on our success and increase our impact across the region.

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