Sonja Zugic

The EU Scholarships Scheme in Kosovo has received a €500,000 addendum to help further develop the country’s civil service. Delivered by the British Council, the programme is now worth a total of €3 million and will run until 2015. 

Through the programme we are helping to create a core group of civil servants who will be prepared to implement public administration reforms in Kosovo, particularly those required for European Union integration. 

The programme is recognised as having a high level of transparency and professionalism when it comes to student selection and the follow-up with and placement of participants in the civil service. 

This new addendum focuses on the acute need to develop local capacities in the country’s northern municipalities and will support the integration of the parallel Serbian structures into a Kosovo-wide administration. 

A new office is now operational in northern Kosovo to support the implementation of the programme in the region, which will aim to ensure that up to six students will complete post-graduate degrees in universities in the European Union before entering the civil service in Kosovo. 

This is the second addendum the programme has received and it has meant that the original programme has doubled in both length and value. It also represents the maximum increase possible for European Union contracts and is testament to the British Council’s management of the programme since its inception in 2011.



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