Mat Wright

The British Council is leading a consortium of partners to deliver a new EU-funded project aimed at promoting gender equality in schools in Turkey.

Through the Technical Assistance for Promoting Gender Equality in Education project we will support the Turkish Ministry of National Education to encourage a more gender-sensitive approach within the Turkish education system.

The project aims to develop a gender equality assurance tool for schools and will help to improve the Ministry of National Education’s capacity to promote gender equality within the education system. Equality will also be promoted through a host of awareness raising activities for students, parents, and teaching and non-teaching staff in schools.

Running until September 2016, the project has a total value of €3.1 million. The consortium is comprised of both Turkish and international partners: SIPU International (Sweden), Finnish Consulting Group (Finland), Fondazione Giacomo Brodilini (Italy), TEPAV (Turkey) and Ankon Consulting (Turkey). 

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