Connecting Classrooms

According to an independent evaluation report on the first year of the Connecting Classrooms programme, there is strong evidence of positive outcomes for all participants, including schools, teachers and students.

Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme delivered by the British Council in partnership with the Department for International Development. The programme runs in 38 countries, with a specific focus in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the UK.

The aim of Connecting Classrooms is to help young people develop the knowledge, skills and values to live and work in a globalised economy. Through a range of activities that focus on training teachers and school leaders to use new, interactive approaches and techniques in their teaching, the programme equips young people with the essential core skills they need for life in the 21st century, enabling them to contribute responsibly to society, both locally and globally.

The year one report, which was independently prepared by Ecorys UK and covers July 2015 to June 2016, found that:

“To date, the Connecting Classrooms programme has delivered positive results across the vast majority of log-frame impact, outcome and output indicators, meeting and, in many cases, exceeding milestone targets. Teachers and school leaders consider their pupils to have enhanced core skills, the majority of schools consider that they are delivering core skills effectively, and there are positive indications of teacher and leader development and enhanced understanding amongst policy makers, and policy alignment and influence”.

According to the report, 75 per cent of school leaders stated their commitment to developing core skills in their school in the future. The report also highlighted a number of other key quantitative findings, such as:

  • 73 per cent of teachers confirm that their professional teaching practice has been enhanced by the core skills professional development training
  • 60 per cent of students engaged in the programme demonstrated evidence of enhanced core skills knowledge, capability and confidence to work in a global economy.

These excellent first year findings will be explored in more detail in year two of the programme when a further independent impact evaluation will take place.

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February 2017