Olkan Erguler

The British Council has been chosen by the European Union to deliver its Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community. The initiative, which will run for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 academic years and is worth almost €4 million, aims to bring Turkish Cypriots closer to the EU and improve their levels of education and employability skills.

The Turkish Cypriot community has been living in relative isolation for much of the last 40 years, with limited opportunities to study abroad and engage with the international community. To remedy this, the Scholarship Programme will provide at least 100 Turkish Cypriot undergraduate and postgraduate students and professionals per year with funding to complete an education programme in one of the EU member states. Teachers and other professionals will also be able to secure funding to conduct research or receive training in the EU.

The aim is to help members of this community gain qualifications they otherwise wouldn’t have access to, while helping to improve their knowledge and experience of the EU. At the same time, this will help to address the skills shortages present in the Turkish Cypriot community.

The British Council was selected to deliver the initiative due to our track record of work in northern Cyprus as well as our experience of administering other scholarship programmes across the world. Our network of offices in Cyprus and across the EU means we can also offer on the ground support for the duration of the programme, which aligns with our aim of increasing educational opportunities through global student mobility.