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A new teacher training project, co-funded by the British Council and DFID, will provide support to over 1,500 state teacher educators across Burma.

The English for Education College Trainers project, or EfECT, sees 50 English native speaker teacher trainers placed within Burma’s education colleges and institutes of education over a period of two years.

The teacher trainers are working directly with Burmese teacher educators to support them with improving their English language proficiency and strengthening their training methodologies and approaches. The teacher trainers will also introduce a new range of training resources.  

EfECT is being delivered through a partnership between the British Council and VSO. Trainers from each organisation will work together to support teacher educators across the country.

The approach of embedding trainers in the work environment is being warmly received by Burmese teacher educators. ‘The teacher educators I work with are incredibly enthusiastic about this opportunity,’ says EfECT trainer Laura Hirsch, based in Myaung Mya. ‘The learning experience is new to them and most are unfamiliar with the new styles of teaching we are supporting them with.’

The project builds on strong collaboration between the British Council, the Government of Burma and other development partners to help raise the level of Burma’s education system to international standards.