British council 

Through a new EU-funded programme, the British Council will work with communities in Burma to enhance access to justice, especially for the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.

MyJustice will better equip communities, the legal profession and justice institutions to meet their aspirations for rule of law through improved legal aid, community mediation and paralegal services, which are still little-known concepts in Burma.

The programme comes at a critical time for the development of rule of law in Burma, as the country goes to the polls in its first general election since 2010.

Using a community-driven approach, MyJustice will empower communities to deliver appropriate solutions to the justice challenges they face and will build on existing formal and informal justice structures and practices.

Mobile paralegals and mediators will be trained and deployed directly into communities, where they will work to develop methods for addressing and resolving disputes and conflicts. 

New legal aid centres will provide access to free legal advice and representation and will work to raise awareness of the rule of law to empower marginalised groups to exercise their rights and defend their interests

MyJustice is breaking new ground in Burma by creating an environment for the development of locally owned solutions to rule of law issues. By sharing knowledge, ideas and best practice across the sector, it will help to develop lasting impact for the way justice is delivered in Burma.

The programme runs until 2019 and has a total budget of €20 million.


October 2015