Matt Wright

You will doubtless have seen the continuing international media coverage around sexual assault and harassment in the workplace, and more recently the actions of some aid workers in a number of countries. We at the British Council are both disturbed and disappointed to learn of these offences, and the extent to which such behaviour was seemingly permitted.

At the core of the British Council’s mission and purpose is the belief in the importance of cultural relations, and the understanding between peoples and nations. We are here to create opportunities and build trust internationally. To do this effectively, the way we behave must reflect our values and stand up to scrutiny wherever we work. We continue to be committed to safeguarding those who are in contact with our organisation and to exemplifying the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

To this end, may we remind all consultants to adhere to the high standards of behaviour as outlined in our code of conduct. They set out the basic rules, standards and behaviours expected from all those working for the British Council. In particular we would like to draw your attention to sections on the Protection of children and Upholding Public Trust.

We would also like to encourage you to re-acquaint yourselves with our Policies for consultants. Please email our consultants mailbox should you have any questions.