Macedonia lifelong learning

Mat Wright

The British Council has been awarded close to €2m to reshape learning in vocational secondary schools (VETs) and strengthen the adult education and training system across Macedonia over the next two years. Funds received from the Instrument for Pre-Accession of the European Commission will help the British Council reform skills and knowledge acquisition to meet the demands of a world in constant flux. 

The project will be drawing on evidence and input from local authorities and business on the demands for specific occupations needed in a modern economy which the British Council will have a critical role in gathering and assessing. 

As part of the overarching aims, VET schools will see their curricula reformed, revisions to qualifications will be made, and support to teaching and management staff to implement these changes will be delivered.

A proportion of the project will be devoted to a design of a new National Strategy for Lifelong Learning for the Ministry of Education. This will be followed by the development of mechanisms to ensure the attached action plan is administered efficiently and to standards across the country.

The success of the project will be used to showcase the life-changing impact VET schools and adult education can have on individuals through a public facing campaign. 

Combined with the results of the Skills Development & Innovation Support project funded by the World Bank, both projects will allow the Macedonian Ministry of Education to deliver on their ambitious reform agenda for lifelong learning. .