Yang Yong

The first legal aid policy dialogue event facilitated by the British Council in Beijing took place in September 2014, as part of the China-EU Access to Justice Programme, funded by the EU.

The event brought together senior officials from European national legal aid agencies, independent experts from Europe, legal aid experts from the Chinese Ministry of Justice and ten provincial justice bureaus, and representatives from social organisations delivering legal aid services in China.

Under the theme ‘Legal aid system development’, participants addressed a series of topics, including recent legal aid developments in both Europe and China, state policies on legal aid in Europe and China, and social participation in legal aid.

Outcomes from the event will contribute to other activities within the China-EU Access to Justice Programme, which is seeing the British Council support the Chinese Ministry of Justice to review the existing legislative and policy framework for legal aid provision.

After the event, participants from Europe were offered the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese legal aid system first-hand during a two-day visit to the Henan Province. A series of follow-up activities is now being planned. 

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